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We are an independent software developer that  delivers mobile applications, web sites and services that work together.  We work with companies to provide solutions to assist them in their business.   

This page has a brief history of Curved Light Solutions,  also take a look at our products.  If you would like to discuss how we could work together, send us an email.

Our History...

The Early Days


I started out learning to program on an Atari 400/800 Home Computer back in the early 80's.  I hooked up with a new company that was looking to publish games for home computers. In the middle of re-writing this game the Home Computer industry went bust and so did the company.  

I learned many things over that 2-3 year period.... enough to become a professional software engineer for the next 30 years.


Rise of the Internet

When the internet was new  I created Curved Light Solutions LLC to create web sites and web apps.  After creating my own 

web site framework to build custom sites, I moved on to using open source content management systems.  While we still create custom web sites, more and more we are deploying web based services that work with custom mobile apps. 


The Mobile Internet Tsunami


This term was coined by Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame. He coined this term back when the iPhone and iPad were brand new. Within a few short years there all types of Android devices as well.  About a year after purchasing my first iPhone I started to look into what it would take to create apps and have been creating iOS and Android apps ever since.  We will be adding Windows Phone shortly.


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