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A long time ago ...

I read somewhere that when you start coding something for the first time your should "Plan to throw the first one away" .  Well  When it came to creating mobile games it may take throwing away a few things.

Our first project was a  2D golf simulator game.  

This allowed us to play with the physics engine in the Corona SDK and to learn the SDK and other programming tools.  I was introduces to SVG files and an interesting 3rd party tool called SVG Level Editor.    We had lots of good ideas for creating themed based golf courses . After a few months we realized that the artwork and graphics effort would be more then we could handle. So we shelved the project for the time being .  

Looking back this was a good project to start learning mobile development with Corona SDK.

Our second project...

was a 2 player strategy game that would start out as player vs computer and player vs player on the same device.  We also built in the ability to play someone over the internet.  This project helped us to understand the tradeoffs in building an app that can run on both a phone and a tablet. We spent a fair about of time with the game play and implementing the game rules.  We played many player vs player games.  We then began the task of programming the computer player .  This was a task that was very much underestimated and proved to be  very technically challenging.  At this point we realized that completing this game would take much longer and we did not want to wait that long to get to our first app.  So this project has been archived.

So we realized that we should do a very simple game.

 We came up with a simple idea and coded it up.  On this project we created and in game level editor and simulator. We also included some third party libraries and learned how to write Lua code in a modular fashion.  The game engine is completed and we started to create game play and levels. As we play tested we realize that the game as is would get boring fast .  The lesson learned here is to ensure that the game play is solid before investing time in creating it.  Again we learned quite a bit on this project.  We will revisit this game at a later date.

So Now What ?

We have realized that we need to do a super simple app/game and get it to completion and get it published.  At a local Corona Meetup I met a developer that just started to learn how to program and created a simple but effective educational app for pre-school children.  This got us thinking .......

Stay tuned to see what we came up with.



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